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Repair Services
(Don't let damage prevent you from getting back on the water)

packraft pinholes

General patches (for pinholes and tears)

- Resolve pinholes, cuts, tears, abrasions and mystery leaks with a permanent patch.

packraft floor patch

Reinforcement Patches

- Even boats that are staying taut can sometimes benefit from additional work.  Patches can be applied to decks, floors, and high-wear zones.

packraft cargo fly replacement

Cargo Fly Replacements

- If your Cargo Fly is no longer zipping reliably (or if it shows signs of "rot"), it might be time for a replacement.

packraft large tear repair

Fixing boats "beyond" repair

- If you think your boat is ready to go in the trash, take a moment to ask a professional before giving up.  I've brought many boats back from the dead.

(And you don't want to pay for complicated repairs, you can always donate it to the Packraft Recycle Program!)

*Prices can vary from $40 - several hundred of dollars, depending on complexity.  The price for repair is (usually) the cost of labor, with few additional parts

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