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About Patches and Gluework

Glue is more than strong.  It is reliable.


Most packrafts are assembled from a series of urethane-coated fabric patterns that are then sewn together and sealed through  plastic-welding processes.   After those urethane fabrics are exposed to UV radiation for significant amounts of time, however, the chemistry of the fabric changes, such that welds no longer "take."

For that reason, glued-on patchwork is the industry-standard for retrofit/repair work.  While less aesthetically clean, glue yields a few distinct advantages, including outstanding reliability.

Professionally applied patches can be considered permanent additions and will outlive the other features of your boat.


I apply my patches with the same, reliable products and processes that I've been using for 3+ years and I test all of my work before it goes out the door.  Rest assured that my patching is of the highest quality and that I will always stand behind my work.

In the unlikely event that you discover an issue with a retrofit part (supplied from a manufacturer), the issue might be best addressed by the manufacturer. Even so, I encourage you to contact me directly so I can evaluate the issue, communicate with the manufacturer, and provide physical services on their behalf, if appropriate.

In the more-unlikely event that you discover an issue with my patching/gluework, reach out to me directly so I can evaluate the issue and provide repairs, if appropriate.


Please also understand that Packraft Repair & Retrofit is an "offseason" business that will not provide physical services at certain times of the year.  If you want your boat to be  serviced while I am out of operation, you can rely upon manufacturer-provided repair services (like Kokopelli/Alpacka, with whom I am in regular communication). 


That being said, I am always happy to provide consultation and advice--my highest priority is to enable your good-times and get you back on the water. 

Happy paddling!

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