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About me



My name is Evan, a repairer-of-boats and boater-of-rivers.

I was the primary Alpacka Raft Repair/Retrofit technician from 2020-2023.  During that time, I became proficient with installing Cargo Flies, Temper Assist Valves, Self-Bailing systems, Thigh Straps, Back Bands, and every service that Alpacka provides.  But that’s the easy stuff…


My most rewarding work was reviving boats that seemed beyond repair.  This includes packrafts:

- impaled with rebar

- run over by motor boats

- thrown from moving vehicles

- attacked by bears

- chewed on by dogs

- exploded with mechanical air compressors

- and BBQ’d :)


I think it goes without saying that the above makes me a leading expert in the field of packraft repair and modification.

I also spend much of my time in the outdoors, walking-the-walk and packing-the-raft.  This is why my services are limited to the offseason (and I encourage you to plan ahead if you intend to send your boat to me).

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